Presentations / Events / Training

Presentation / Speaking

If it is for a corporate event, seminar or a sailingclub, I offer different presentations about different topics related to singlehanded offshore racing, like:

  • energy management
  • sleep depravation, safety
  • race preparation, navigation
  • how to prepare your head not just your boat
  • ant other topics which can have a close relation to the business world.

I like to give insight in my adventures with lots of pictures and videos fom racing and training.

Presentations can be in German, English or French

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Do you need advice on offshore sailing or the setup of your boat for offshore or singlehanded sailing and racing?

I have gathered a very wide range of experience when it comes to setting up a boat for offshore sailing small ones and big ones up to 20m. Having started from a bare hull to build two raceready boats has made me think a lot about the different systems on boats and the necessity of the different components on board.  I do believe that a lot of offshore sailors even cruising can learn a lot from our little racing machines, then there are a numer of easy, light and not too expencive solutions which can make life much easier on board and things more reliable.

I am an electronics technician by trade and have gained quite a bit of experience in rigging, composite and preparation work.

The boat is one part the human is the other part, what preparation do I need before I go offshore: training, navigation, weather, routing, safety, food, water…..

Preparation is more than 50% of a succesful offshore passage or race, this is true for your boat but also for yourself!

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You want to do something special with your Employees / Clients / Partners?

Come sailing! There is the possibility to organize an event for you, where we can go sailing on a swiss lake just for fun, for a little race introduction, for teambuilding purpose…

This can be followed by a presentation about offshore and singlehanded sailing. An opportunity to offer something out of the box.

If you like it windy the same thing is possible in Britany around Lorient and La trinité.



You want to improve your racing skills?

I have been racing sailingboats since the age of 14 and have raced on all sorts of different boats and racing formats, from 30min short courseracing in dingies or multihulls over costal races on 100ft superyachts to ocean racing. In most cases training will be the most efficient way to improve your racing results, and not the material or your boats handicap. Spending time on the water doing manoevres and checking trimm and most importantly work on the communication in between the crew will make the boat function around the race course. I can provide an external view on boathandling, trimm and communication as well as setting up specific exercises for the different racing situations.




Contact me if you are interested!