Suspense on the Atlantic!

North, South or Centre? Very wise who who knows! Fact is, the Atlantic is not as it should, with lovely and regular tradewinds. It is instead very unsettled, with brutal squalls and calms, and seems very unpredictable. In this context, everything is possible, the better like the worse, and it is a nerve wracking situation for all the competitors!

Simon made a big gain in the past hours and is back in second place, sailing slightly North of the direct route (and heading back North again). Jörg Riechers, his direct opponent, is the furthest South amongst the race leaders and he is currently fast. It is however impossible to properly analyse the weather and the position of the sailors: one cloud can mean strong winds – or no wind… And those clouds are very local.

One thing is sure: Simon is doing a fantastic race and giving it all. There are now approximately 500 milles left to Le Marin and the last days of racing will be more intense – and interesting to follow – than ever.

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