Ready for the big jump across the Atlantic!

Simon KOSTER / Proto 888

Simon hasn’t much time off during his stay in the Canaries islands! He tells us how he spent his time on the Island since the arrival of the first leg.

« I had to repair the canting keel plate, so the boat has been out of the water for most of the time and I have taken the keel off in order to do the repairs. Then I got a little scare because once everything was ready the crane in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria was broken… But everything  is sorted now and the boat is back in the water.

During the stopover, I worked 2-3 hours / day on the boat and also took some time off in order to rest. The spirit between all the competitors is great and everybody helps around, its fantastic.

I also got a lot of support from my Swiss friend Lucas Erni, who is sailing across the Atlantic on his OVNI 43. I stayed onboard with him and benefited from a very welcome « Swiss solidarity ».

Now I can’t wait to get going again. The forecast for the start looks very good, with 20 knots trade winds. This is perfect for me, and finally the conditions that I am expecting for my boat!

The game is still open for the podium. The top 2 will be difficult to catch up, but the 3rd is only 1h40 ahead of me. So everything is possible! »

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