Pornichet Select – good points and bad points plus some adventures :-P

Bild könnte enthalten: Ozean, Himmel, im Freien, Wasser und Natur

The Pornichet Select is the first solo mini race of the season here on the atlantic coast. The weather forecast predicted eastertly and north-easterly. predicting not very stable and cold but with quite a bit of reaching.

We had 70 boats on the start line, fairly crowded, and passing the offset mark was a stressful moment in 15kn of very shifty breeze with all those boats around not manoevering very quick in single handed mode.

My first adventure started when I borke one of my winchhandles and lost the other one overboard an houre later 😦 Not a good situation on a prototype where the keel is canted by a purchase system wich is poyered by a winch, and adjustable rig yhich has to be put under tension again when adjusted. I figuerd out that i could put sheets from one cockpit winch to the other and stand on the sheet in the middle to tension it, so manoevres just got a bit longer with Simon jumping around on a sheet in the cockpit after every sail adjustement.

Only 24h later i remembered that i took a paire of vicegrips with me, my new winchhandle problem was solved, felt a bit stupid for not having come up with that idea 24h earlier 😛

Half way through the race after a good catch up on a reaching leg up to the 4th position I got myself tangled up in a lopster pot in the middle of the night, the line has cought just qbove the keelbulb, i couldn’t get rid of it by sailing backwards so I had to find a way to the line and I was not very keen on simming in the middle of the night on my own. I did not have anything long enough on board to get down to the line, so I Extended a mainsailbatten with my boathook and some tape. Finalement I was able to get to the line and cut myself free. Only by daylight I could see that there was still a bit of that lobster buoy hanging off my keel, that explainded my lack of speed after the incident.

With a big lack of sleep and light upwind conditions the end of the race was complicated as I havent figured out my speedproblem in those sort of conditions yet and on top of that I was not that fresh anymore in my head. sometimes halucinating a bit and cerainly not alone in my head all the time. I lost auite a lot of places by going slow and being on the wrong side of a left shiftm I ended up in 12th position.

Resume: some good points in there for shure an improvement from last race but still some work to do!


What is next:

Traing and testing in Lorient and deciding on the adjustement to improve upwind performance, as well as a stability test to be able to optimize the keel weight

I want tho thank all the sponsors and supporter of Eight Cube for this season!


Simon SUI 888








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