Let’s make the frog Jump again!

Francois Denis

Francois Denis

Normaly at this stage of the season I would be spending as much time on the water as possible and preparing for the upcoming races, but I have not yet managed to secure enough of the budget needed to race Eight Cube again for a season and the big race of this year Les Sables – Acores – Les Sables.

So I am ashore in Switzerland trying to sort this out!


but I had some distraction 😉

I had the chance to test the fully foiling beach catamaran on which Yo Wiebel sailed the Julbo-Sail-Session around Cape Horn.

Yo has had an idea in mind after his trip around Cape Horn and asked me if I would be up for it! It involves a Nacra F20 beachcatamaran and offshore sailing for a couple of hundred miles, but more info on that later, when the website is finished.

This project is not a full time thing. It will run alongside my Minicampaign, then Yo has a fulltime job and I have a mini which wants to be sailed and optimised to be prepared for the Azores Race this summer.


P1040114 P1040118


I have also made a new page on my website where I offer to share my experience gained over the past years during offshore sailing.

From on the water training to speaking during a corporate event or simply to help someone planning an offshore sailingtrip and setting up his boat accordingly.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you think I might be the right person for the job or if you like to become partner of Eight Cube (or simply of the frog).

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