Trip to Lorient

One weekend – 2200km driving and looking at some boats in between.

The purpose of the trip was to have a look at minis for sale and to see the whole setup in Lorient. We met a guy who is promoting a new series mini design nacira 6.50, the boat looks well thought threw with a couple of nice details and a powerful hullshape. A bit further south we had a look at a 2007 built Dingo2 which is for sale with a whole bunch of equipement .  I had to realize that all the second hand boats need quite a bit of work and money spent on them, also because of the rule changes for the next year like adding 400liters of floating volume inside the boat.

So I am trying to figure out what is costing me less money in the long run, a new boat which can be sold on easy or a second hand boat which is fully equiped but needs work and replacing quite a bit of expensive bits, which might be more difficult to sell on because the boat would reach a bit of an age at the end of the project. As soon as I have figured out which option suits my project better and how much time I have to keep earning money instead of sailing,  I will spend a lot of money either on a new boat or buy a 2nd hand one.

Nacira 6.50 new series mini design close to the latest prototypes.

Dingo 2 second hand

There were also some other cool boats moored up in Lorient for a people with a bit larger budgets

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